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Australians buy most of their food from supermarkets.


The products available for sale in supermarkets, their prices, and the way they are promoted, has a major impact on what people choose to buy.

Monitoring supermarkets helps us understand the extent to which supermarkets support current public health efforts to improve population diets.


Ongoing assessments allow us to track changes in food environments over time, facilitate target-setting for healthier supermarkets, evaluate in-store initiatives, and hold supermarkets to account for their policy commitments. 

Our recent assessments show supermarkets can do more to support their customers in making healthier food choices and improve the health of the communities in which they operate. 


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The 2020 'Inside our Supermarkets' report details the findings of an audit of over 100 supermarkets to investigate the healthiness of their in-store environments.

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The 2018 'Inside our Supermarkets' report assessed the four largest Australian supermarkets (Woolworths, Coles, ALDI, IGA) on their policies and commitments related to obesity prevention and nutrition.

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