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The 'Inside our Food Companies' series of reports received widespread national and local media coverage in Australia, with additional international coverage.


A selection of the main coverage related to each report is outlined below:

Inside our Supermarkets 2024

Launch date: 29 April 2024

Television (Australia)

  • Channel 9 News

  • Channel 7 News

Radio (Australia)

  • AM radio

    • ABC Sydney​

    • ABC Hobart

    • ABC South East SA

    • ABC Adelaide

    • 6PR Perth

    • 2BG Sydney

    • Coast FM

Screen Shot 2020-05-07 at 8.00.59 pm.jpg

Launch date: 18 May 2020

Inside our Supermarkets 2020

Radio (Australia)

  • FM radio:

    • Triple M

    • K-Rock 95.5, Bay 93.9

Inside our Supermarkets 2018

Launch date: 26 February 2018

Deakin University media release

Total media items (26 Feb to 01 Mar 2018): 140 items

Total audience reach: 9,759,037 people (as per Isentia)

Radio (Australia)

  • AM radio (31 items): 2GB (Sydney), 2SM (Sydney), 3AW (Melbourne), 4BC (Brisbane), 5AA (Adelaide), 6PR (Perth), ABC Radio (National), Cruise (Adelaide), Radio National (Canberra), SEN (Melbourne)

  • FM radio (7 items): ABC Central Vic, Curtin FM (Perth), Hot FM (Sunshine Coast), MIX FM (Adelaide), TR FM (Traralgon), WAVE FM (Wollongong)

Inside our Food and Beverage Manufacturers 2018

Launch date: 26 March 2018

Deakin University Media Release

Total media items (25 Mar to 27 Mar 2018): 66 items

Total audience reach: 4,990,459 people (as per Isentia)

Radio (Australia)

  • AM radio (17 items): 2GB (Sydney), ABC Radio (Adelaide, Sydney), ABC News (Melbourne Breakfast), 6PR (Perth), 2CC (Canberra), 3AW (Melbourne), Cruise (Adelaide)

  • FM radio (12 items): GOLD FM (Melbourne), BAY FM (Geelong), 7LA (Launceston), KIIS 101.1 (Melbourne), HO FM (Hobart), MIX FM (Adelaide), 98.5 Sonshine FM (Perth)

International coverage







United States


Inside our Quick Service Restaurants 2018

Launch date: 28 May 2018

Deakin University Media Release

Total media items (27 May to 01 Jun 2018): 127 items

Total audience reach: 6,976,025 people (as per Isentia)

Radio (Australia)

  • AM radio (28 items): ABC News (Melbourne), 2CC (Canberra), 5AA (Adelaide), 2SM (Sydney), 6PR (Perth), ABC Radio (Brisbane, Ballarat, Canberra), 4BC (Brisbane), SEN (Melbourne), 3AW (Melbourne), 2GB (Sydney)

  • FM radio (33 items): NOVA (Brisbane, Perth, Sydney), Smooth FM (Sydney), ABC North West Qld, STAR FM, HO FM (Hobart), 98.5 Sonshine FM, HOT FM, MIX 94.5, Curtin FM (Perth), WAVE FM (Wollongong), POWER FM (Wollongong), 2MCE (National), i98 FM (Wollongong), 2GO FM (Gosford), 7LA (Launceston), 8SUN (Alice Springs)

International coverage

New Zealand






United States


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